Thinking of the New Year ahead?

Maybe a change is exactly what you need. Changes don’t have to be big. They can also come in small doses, like seeing other songbirds at your feeder! 

This can be done by any of these 4 simple options:


We have developed a brand-new kind of spiral feeder that can attract twice as many birds to the same feeder. Cardinals, finches, robins, juncos, grosbeaks, bluebirds, chickadees and many more will leave their nightly torpor to enjoy this grand feast and renew their energies. (Winter can be tough on birds!)

Cats can reach birds quickly. So if you have one, best to keep the birds safe. Hang the spiral feeder about 5 feet up and 10 feet away from any tree.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


  1. Window feeders with suet!

Suet used to come in chunky blocks, which was inconvenient to place in our window feeders. This was a great source for all species of Woodpeckers!  Now with the new and improved techniques, suet comes in spreadable form or little nuggets, you can attract more species, the kind of suet that can fit your birds-i-view.

This way, in addition to woodpeckers, you can also attract tits, wrens, finches, nuthatches, orioles, grosbeaks, bluebirds, robins and jays. Let the party begin!

  1. Safflower seeds

What kind of seeds are you using?

This can be a major game changer. Especially if squirrels dominate your feeding area! Whether in mixed seeds or not, offering safflower seeds, whether on their own or in your bird mix,  can attract the songbirds you love rather than hoggers like squirrels. If you are trying to attract cardinals, grosbeaks and chickadees, this is a great way to go.

  1. Fruits and nuts!

If you want a certain species to join the party, but notice they never come to your feeder – leaving nuts and fruits around the feeder will be a start to attract them to your vicinity. Then put them inside the feeder itself, this will attract mockingbirds, bluebirds, catbirds and waxwings. They will go nuts over it!


If up until now, if you haven’t added a water source to your garden or porch, this is the time! Especially in winter when water and food are sparse.

Many think of birdbaths as a finicky thing to buy or handle. Basically, you just need a shallow sloped water source, about 1-3 inches deep,  with a rough area for the birds to grip on as they drink and preen. Even leaving a bowl with water can do the trick, as long as the water doesn’t freeze.

Birdbaths can bring an array of songbirds such as bluebirds, robins, catbirds, warblers and thrushes. You might even be luck to spot a screech owl drinking at dawn!

Why it’s important for birds to bathe?

Heating the water source can be a great boon for the birds, as the cold of winter makes it harder for them to function. Yes, some do eat snow for water but it takes a lot of energy for out avian friends do drink that way. Also, some birds who don't ever approach feeders, will come to a water source like. You will notice a much bigger variety of songbirds now!


Just as males “color” up to attract a partner in the mating season, you can do the same with your garden to attract more songbirds. That’s how birds roll – they are attracted to colors to find food and to spot their mate.

You can plant colorful flowers in your garden. Or even leave colorful items on your porch. A red scarf may attract a cardinal. Orange can attract an oriole. Play with it and see what happens. Of course, let us know what worked for you on our facebook page.


  • do you sell squirrel proof bird feeders ?

  • What is the best method to avoid squirrels? I’ve bought 4 different feeders, and they get into ALL of them, they just completely ate my newly planted avocado! We have beautiful, mature trees, and lots of 🐦, I have lots of plants, but still can only briefly get them to come to feeders! Trying the I-view, squirrels can’t climb glass (yet)!!

    Donna Marie Reed
  • So far a great bird feeder. Had to replace one that a squirrel knocked off window and it broke into pieces.

    John hoelzel

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