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Window Bird Feeder


I am pleasantly surprised that such a simple product can provide great amusement. The Blue Jays and Cardinals have taken ownership of this and that is fine by me. They are majestic birds. This sturdy feeder is about 3 ft away from where I sit at my desk, and the birds just go about their business undeterred. I will be giving these as gifts for Christmas.

Don W.

This product seemed very questionable to me. I wasn't sure it would stay stuck to my window. Definitely took me by surprise. Recommend this to everyone. GET IT!


I LOVE this bird feeder so much! I would recommend it to anyone who likes to see birds up close. I hung mine up & it wasn’t long until 2 birds were fighting over it😂. So... I ordered 2 more! It’s actually really enjoyable having 3 feeders. Now I can see 3 birds eating at once! I mainly have sparrows in it feeding. However, I’ve also had doves! It’s awesome & totally worth the price! I’m tempted to buy 2 more😂


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Bird feeders that when installed correctly are almost impossible for squirrels to access.

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Keep your hummers healthy and happy with these easy to clean, easy to use feeders

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One of America's favorite birds. State bird of no less than 7 states! These feeders are irresistible to Cardinals

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Easy to clean and maintain, these feeders will keep your garden hummingbirds coming for more!

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These little gems love a good worm or some yummy seeds. Here are feeders that they will love!

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