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About us

-Do you sometimes wish you could get your kids interested in something other than their phone?
-Do you feel sorry for your cat, bored until you get home?
-Do you love garden birds?
We do too!

Introducing Nature Anywhere

We are Nature Anywhere and we are on a mission: To bring the joy of nature to anyone, everywhere.

Our products will bring the beauty of nature wherever you live, be it in an urban high-rise or a snowbound ranch.

With no tricky assembly needed and astonishingly easy maintenance, our products are perfect for young and old. We believe that our products must be suitable for all ages, that our youngest and oldest customers should be able to quickly and simply setup and enjoy.

All our products are manufactured with the highest standards and best materials. Yes, this makes us a little pricier than the rest but we believe that quality comes before everything. Today people know that our products won’t break, won’t discolor and will bring you joy for a long time to come.

Our Little Secret (Shhhhh….)

We have a little secret. We have a growing list of friends who are first to receive info on specials, giveaways and samples. Example: everytime we come out with a new product we let our friends purchase it for 2$ (!) and tell us what they think.

Want to be a part of the club? Sign up now using the box above.  We respect your privacy even more than we respect ours (and we have some really private people in our team).

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