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Our Story

It all began when I thought about my Grandma.

Bedridden but still sharp and cheerful, she was bored to tears by spending her time watching daytime reality shows and celebrity cooking programs. Most of all, it was her beautiful garden birds she missed most. They were out there, just a few yards away from her bed, but as far as she was concerned it was as if they were a million miles away. And that got me thinking.

What if there was a bird feeder that could bring birds right to her windowsill? A feeder that was super simple to re-fill and clean, a feeder that birds will love to visit and make Grandma's days full of the joy of nature.

There was nothing online that suited our needs so I decided to create one from scratch. And that was the beginning.

Since then our feeders have brought the joy of nature to over 300,000 homes in Europe and the US.

With no tricky assembly needed and astonishingly easy maintenance, our products are perfect for young and old. We believe that our products must be suitable for all ages, that our youngest and oldest customers should be able to quickly and simply setup their feeder and start having fun.

All our products are manufactured with the highest standards and best materials. Yes, this makes us a little pricier than the rest but we believe that quality comes before everything.

Today people know that our products won’t break, won’t discolor and will bring you joy for a long time to come.