Window feeders are truly the most fulfilling and magnificent ways to bring the feathery flyers right to your window. 

Most window feeders are installed using suction cups.

Many people mistrust suction cups, claiming that they always fall off.

Here are a 6 tips to keep the suction cups holding the feeder up for years:

1. Cleanliness.

Squeaky clean windows: Yes, we must do the inevitable - before you hang the feeder, wash the windows. The cleaner and smoother the window pane, the better the suction cup will stick. 

2. Alcohol

Before use, clean the suction cups with alcohol and wait for them to dry before hanging.

3. Quality

Like everything in life, cheap doesn’t mean long-term. Nature Anywhere invests in top quality bird house suction cups, so they are sturdy enough to face cold weather and solid enough to bear the weight of a flock of hungry birds!

4. Warmth.

Suction cups like warm surfaces. So if it’s really cold outside, use any warming device you have to warm up the designated window- even with a hair dryer! It will create a stronger bond with the window. If you have no warming device just choose the warmest part of the day to hang your bird feeder up!

If your suction cups "stopped working" - take them off and dunk them in warm water before re-installing. They will become as good as new!

5. Oil those cups.

An extra secret is to smear a little bit of oil on each cup. It can be vegetable oil or even the the oil from the creases of your facial skin! Amazing what resources we have in our cheeks! It makes the cups extra adhesive. Even if the suction cups do drop, adding a little oil makes them stick right back and for longer periods of time. Or you can do this surprising trick:

6. Push the cups in once in a while!

Every once in a while, give the cups center a little push to release any bubbles that snuck in. You can do it when you refill the feeder or after washing it. A little push can go a long way!

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