Video Challenge – Nature Anywhere

Video Challenge

Nature Anywhere Video Challenge #5

Hello to all bird lovers, we have a new video challenge for you!

We have decided to give away a free feeder to everyone who sends us a good quality, close up video of birds feeding in a Nature Anywhere Spiral Feeder or on a Nature Anywhere Squirrel Lock Feeder (See images below.) 
The video must be: 

  • Shot in high definition quality (minimum 720p. All phones have this quality built in)

  • The camera/phone must be horizontal and close up to the feeder

  • The video must be more than 10 seconds long.

That's it. Easy peasy. 
Send your video to to win a feeder. Some rules do apply (see below)
Have fun!

Rules and technical stuff:

1. By sending a video to Nature Anywhere™ you are allowing Nature Anywhere™ the rights to use this video for any use, media or channel
2. Nature Anywhere™ has the right to decide on the sharpness and quality of the video and the distance to the feeder
3. Where possible, Nature Anywhere™ will credit the creator of the video. This is not guaranteed