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Birds-I-View Window Bird Feeder Instructions

The Nature Anywhere Birds-I-View window feeder is the first ever window feeder to come with a sliding feed tray. 

The Birds-I-View was invented by Nature Anywhere in 2015 and immediately became a best seller in every market and store it was sold in.

Since then the design has been constantly improved and updated so that you are now holding the best window feeder on the planet.

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The Nature Anywhere Birds-I-View window feeder comes ready to use out of the box. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy the wonders of nature at your window:

  • Clean and dry the window before installing the Birds-I-View
  • Choose a window overlooking the area most popular with your garden birds
  • It can take up to five weeks before birds learn to trust the feeder. Have patience. They will come
  • To help speed things up, sprinkle birdseed around the feeder
  • Visit for tips, tricks and tons of bird related fun

Squirrel Proofing your Nature Anywhere

To squirrel-proof your Birds-I-View make sure to:

  • Install at least 10 feet away from trees and overhanging gutters and gables
  • Install as high as possible above your window sill 

Suction Cup Extra Strength Tip

To make your suction cups hold to the window with incredible power, or if one of your suction cups arrived deformed after shipping, do this:

1. Dunk your suction cups in boiling water for a few seconds
2. Take them out and let them cool a little (carefully, it's hot!!!)
3. While they are still warm, attach to feeder and install feeder
4. In case of a deformed suction cup, reshape it while it's still warm

Warm suction cups stick better to your window, so much better that you'll have a tough time removing them!

Which Food Should You Use?

Every species of bird has its favorite type of food. On the side of the box your feeder arrived in you will see a detailed table in which we list the most popular bird species' favorite seed.

If you would like to have birds feeding from your feeder almost immediately, and want to be sure you are offering your garden birds the healthiest, freshest seed mix, pick up a FREE bag of Bird Banquet by Nature Anywhere.

How to Win a Free Nature Anywhere Feeder

We love seeing our bird feeders in use so we have created the Nature Anywhere video challenge. We challenge our users to catch a bird on video (with their phones, nothing fancy) using a Nature Anywhere feeder.

If you would like to win a free feeder, click here.

Complete Your Window Feeder Collection!

The Birds-I-View by Nature Anywhere is just one of our window feeders. Complete your collection to have every bird in your garden come visit your window:


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Important: You are not Guaranteed.
To get your lifetime warranty go to: