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Bird Bar Waterer Instructions

Thank you for purchasing the Nature Anywhere Bird Bar window watering device. (If you are looking to purchase a window waterer, click here.)

The Window Bird Waterer was invented by Nature Anywhere in 2022 with the goal of helping birds survive and thrive during the hot and dry seasons. Urbanization has depleted many of the natural water sources that wild birds depend on, and adding a watering device at your home is a great way to pay nature back. It's also a lot of fun too!

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Here are a few tips that will help you get the most out of your new feeder:

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  • Clean and dry the window before installing the Window Waterer
  • For super vacuum power, dunk the vacuum pads in hot water and install while still warm in order to increase the suction ability of the cups
  • The waterer base includes 2 pieces that fall apart for easy cleaning
  • It may take time for the first brave bird to use your window waterer, sometimes up to 2 months
  • Be sure to rinse the waterer in warm water and soap every 6-7 days. This prevents dangerous mold

How to Win a Free Nature Anywhere Feeder

We love seeing our bird feeders in use so we have created the Nature Anywhere video challenge. Every few months we choose one of our designs and challenge our users to catch a bird on video (on their phones, nothing fancy) using a Nature Anywhere feeder.

If you would like to win a free feeder, click here.

Note: Every challenge we create is for a specific feeder.

Complete Your Window Feeder Collection!

The Bird Bar by Nature Anywhere is just one of our window feeders. Complete your collection to have every bird in your garden come visit your window:


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Important: You are not Guaranteed.
To get your lifetime warranty go to: