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Window Squirrel Feeder Instructions and Tips

Thank you for purchasing the Nature Anywhere Window Squirrel Feeder!

The window feeder was invented by Nature Anywhere in 2015 and immediately became a best seller in every market and store it was sold in.

Since then the design has been constantly improved and updated so that you are now holding the best window feeder on the planet.

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Funny Window Squirrel Feeder

The Nature Anywhere Window Squirrel Feeder comes ready to use out of the box. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy the wonders of nature at your window:

  • Clean and dry the window before installing the feeder
  • Choose a window overlooking the area most popular with your garden squirrels
  • It can take up to five weeks before squirrels learn to trust the feeder. Have patience. They will come
  • To help speed things up, sprinkle peanuts around the feeder
  • Dunk the vacuum pads in hot water and install while still warm in order to increase the suction power
  • Visit for tips, tricks and tons of bird related fun

Which Food Should You Use?

Feeding squirrels in a squirrel feeder can be a delightful way to observe these energetic creatures.

However, it's crucial to offer nutritious and safe food. Avoid giving them processed snacks or sugary treats. Instead, opt for natural foods.

Raw, unsalted nuts like walnuts, pecans, and hazelnuts are favorites. Sunflower seeds, especially unsalted, are also a great choice.

Avoid feeding them corn regularly, as it lacks nutritional diversity. Fresh fruits like apples or berries can be given occasionally.

Ensure fresh water is available nearby. Remember, feeding should supplement their natural diet, not replace it.

How to Win a Free Nature Anywhere Feeder

We love seeing our  feeders in use so we have created the Nature Anywhere video challenge. We challenge our users to film a bird or squirrel on video (with their phones, nothing fancy) using a Nature Anywhere feeder.

If you would like to win a free feeder, click here.

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